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 Tournament Bid Form

These documents govern the operation of the Northern California Forensics Association. The bylaws describing tournament operation ONLY govern the NCFA Spring Championship. Although the NCFA requests that member schools try to abide by these bylaws, we do not require it for sanctioning. The NCFA does request that schools hosting a tournament list any deviations from the bylaws in the tournament invitation. 
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Coaches’ Conference
Coaches’ Conference
NCFA Championship2008
NCFA Championship2009
Coaches’ Conference
NCFA Championship2010
NCFA Championship2011
NCFA Championship2012
Coaches’ Conference2012
NCFA Championship2013
Coaches’ Conference2013
NCFA Championship2014
Coaches’ Conference2014
Coaches’ Conference2016
Coaches’ Conference2017
NCFA Champs2018
Coaches’ Conference2018
NCFA Champs2019
Coaches’ Conference2019
NCFA Champs2020
Spring Business Meeting 2021
Coaches Conference 2021